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carbon heroes® is committed to reducing our impact upon the environment by making better travel choices.  Whilst driving is often the only practical option for many journeys, we can consider how we drive and sometimes consider alternatives.

For example, some journeys, especially those that are routine, can be shared. If you drive to work, how many other cars do you see with just a single occupant?  The Department for Transport tells us that it's a staggering 91%. It doesn’t make sense to us that we normally travel by ourselves on these trips, when there could be a colleague that lives nearby.

The company isn’t “anti car” as cars are often the only practical transport solution for many of our journey needs. However, single occupancy car use is often the default choice, whilst we should consider sharing journeys and alternatives modes first.

Craig Barrack

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  • Sharing journeys regularly generates considerable savings
    Some carbon heroes users save over £1,000 per annum
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