Corporate Overview


carbon heroes® operates private journey matching systems for corporate clients designed to reduce levels of single-occupancy car use. The service comprises a market-leading technology platform and a consultative project management approach.

Car sharing may be a simple concept, however when implemented effectively it can have many benefits for an organisation and its employees. These often include reduced travel expenditure and facilities costs, improved Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) credentials and improved employee retention and attendance records.

carbon heroes solutions for sustainable travel planning include support for employees commuting by bicycle or on foot. These modes can be recorded alone or collectively, as either is an alternative to single occupancy car use.

In 2012 carbon heroes® expanded to include the capability to encourage, record and report upon other sustainable travel initiatives, cycling and travelling on foot. These are available within a single, integrated service, so that all employees that travel in such fashions can enjoy the same benefits and incentive schemes.

The Department for Transport’s Transport Trends states that around 70% of commuters normally drive to work. The DfT's Carbon Pathways Analysis states that 91% of these journeys are single occupancy. Combine those statistics and you will realise that an effective corporate car sharing scheme and encouraging staff to consider alternate means of transport are key to a corporate Travel Plan.


Our solution for clients incorporates a Web service designed to be intuitive for users and to address the concerns that some feel regarding public lift sharing. Members are encouraged to share their mobile numbers, so that they can make contact in advance of travelling together and be able to alert the other party if there is a last minute hiccup. Passengers are always passed the details of the driver’s vehicle (with their consent) which both alleviates safety concerns and removes the social awkwardness of identifying the correct vehicle when embarking upon the first journey together.

The system reports upon levels of uptake, mileage covered and the carbon emissions saved from shared travel. It can be used to reduce car parking demand from single-occupancy commuting, to save unnecessary expense from duplicated business journeys and taxi bookings.

carbon heroes® has been designed to make finding a potential journey match as simple as possible, whether commuting or travelling on business. The system includes support for shift patterns, which greatly increases the likelihood of finding a match when working set hours.


The success of each project is limited unless the client actively promotes it to their employees and introduces incentives for those that share their travel. carbon heroes® assists clients with issues that can span Human Resources, Facilities Management, Health, Safety and Environment, Internal Communications and Rewards and Benefits. We also assist in the project management of deploying the service, taking as involved a role as each client requires.

We proactively account manage clients, analysing levels of activity and assisting with growing the community of sharers within each organisation.

Every client project is unique and is approached with both a fresh perspective and the experience of previous implementations. This usually includes a period of consultation with stakeholders, to make sure that the process is as inclusive as possible, the setting of specific objectives and the communication plan to ensure that the service is welcomed positively. Projects are managed closely and live clients enjoy a high level of proactive account management, so that the service isn't allowed to stagnate.