Most local and regional government bodies are committed to promoting sustainable transport measures. These normally include leading by example in terms of their own employees and promoting progressive transport options for the general public within their region. This normally incorporates car share promotion in both cases.

Local Sustainable Transport Fund

In 2011 the DfT published a white paper entitled: Creating Growth, Cutting Carbon - Making Sustainable Local Transport Happen. The white paper can be found here:

The purpose of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund is to enable the delivery by local transport authorities of sustainable transport solutions that support economic growth while reducing carbon. The DfT plans to make £560 million available to the Fund, comprising both resource and capital, over the 4 year period to 2014-15.

All English local transport authorities outside London – County Councils, Integrated Transport Authorities, Metropolitan District Councils and Unitary Authorities are eligible to apply. The application process is explained here:

carbon heroes® Role

The DfT’s Transport Trends informs us that almost two-thirds of journeys taken in the UK are by car, the majority being single occupancy. Therefore, core to any sustainable transport strategy should be encouragement to car share.

carbon heroes operates a market-leading car sharing solution. This includes a modern and intuitive user interface, meaningful reporting on activity levels and carbon savings, unique functionality to improve user security and a consultative approach that appreciates that the needs of every implementation are different.

Many regional Government bodies operate regional car sharing networks for their residents. carbon heroes appreciates that public networks have subtly different needs to those for private employers and offers specific functionality to these clients to ensure that they can promote car sharing to the public in the most engaging and safest fashion.

The system also supports journeys taken on foot and on two wheels, so can promote modal shifts for shorter journeys and a healthier lifestyle.

carbon heroes understands that car sharing is a new concept for many people and that its widespread adoption is only possible when those responsible embrace the human aspects of encouraging uptake of the service. To this end, the company specialises in the promotion of car sharing, branding and communications and assisting clients in engaging with their communities.