Car Sharing

Corporate Car Sharing

Sustainable Travel doesn't preclude car use. For many journeys driving is the most practical option.

However, the DfT reports that 91% of commuting journeys are single occupancy. That strikes us as odd, as these regular journeys to and from work are ideal candidates to be shared with a colleague. The key is to find an application that will assist with finding an appropriate match, establishing contact with them and then providing an incentive to share on an ongoing basis.

The most common reservation towards car sharing is, naturally enough, the thought of travelling with strangers. To this end, carbon heroes® validates all employees, either through their corporate e-mail address or through their employer directly. This means that all users can have confidence that they'll be travelling with a bona fide colleague.

The system includes a peer rating engine, allows users to exchange mobile phone numbers prior to travelling and gives the passenger the details of the car in which they'll be picked up. These all serve to give users confidence prior to sharing journeys.

Ongoing usage of car sharing can be improved through incentives, such as priority car parking. carbon heroes® has the capability to assist in car park management, through reporting systems and the creation of permits that can be displayed in users' windscreens.

Public Car Sharing

carbon heroes operates car sharing networks for regional government bodies.  These differ from corporate systems, as anyone can join.  Users also select a unique username to be displayed, as they may not want to share their identity with others until they have agreed to share.

If you'd like to register with the carbon heroes public scheme, you may do so here:

Taxi Sharing

Many organisations spend heavily on private car hire and taxis to move their employees whilst on business. This can be a major expense which, whilst necessary, can be reduced where some journeys are duplicated. In some cases this can be to and from the airport, a city centre, or to visit another company office, or that of a major client or partner.

carbon heroes® includes functionality for taxi journeys to be matched, either with other taxi booking or with those colleagues planning to drive, thereby reducing corporate travel expenditure.