On foot

Walking, Jogging and Running

In March 2012 the Department for Transport published survey statistics on public attitudes. When asked "Many of the journeys of less than 2 miles that I now make by car I could just as easily walk", 42% agreed and 25% disagreed.

Employers can encourage staff who live nearby to walk to work. This can lead to a happier, healthier workforce, as can organising for jogging and/or running, either as sponsored charitable events or ongoing programmes.

carbon heroes® allows users to register solo trips or to see if there’s another member who’d like to share, whether it be a sedate walk or a run. User profiles display fitness levels, so a walker doesn't get paired with a marathon runner!

Other than the health benefits to a company's workforce, encouranging more staff to walk to work reduces the number of vehicles coming on site each day and reduces the carbon emissions associated with commuting.