Two wheels


According to the DfT's Accessibility Statistics, the average minimum time to reach most key services, including employment, in urban areas is the same for cycling as it is for driving.

Cycling is great for personal fitness and can be an excellent alternative to driving on shorter journeys.

Encouraging employees to cycle to work can create a healthier workforce, saves on carbon emissions and reduces demand for car parking.

carbon heroes® works with clients to encourage cycling, incorporating this within their Sustainable Travel Plan. The system includes those journeys within an integrated reporting and incentive scheme.


Motorbikes produce fewer emissions than cars and take up less space when parked. They also have lower running costs, so can reduce business mileage expensidure. Some clients therefore choose to include these journeys within their incentive schemes.

This is supported by carbon heroes® recording and reporting systems, so those travelling by motorbike can be included within client's Sustainable Travel Plan.